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George Soule: Having a Mayflower Ancestor and the Legacy

Genealogists have a little checklist of ancestors they would like to have, however not everyone wants the same things.  I could care a less if I am related to royalty, but think it would be great if I was related … Continue reading

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DNA: Breaking Down Brick Walls and Validating Legends

Well, I finally did it…I sent in my DNA to help in my genealogy search.  There were a few reasons I have delayed doing this, but primarily I was waiting for the technology to get better and to not have … Continue reading

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Genealogy and Making a Difference – The DAR’s New Chapter and Megan Smolenyak’s New Book

Sometimes I worry if all the time I spend on genealogy really matters. When I am at the end of my life, will the late nights, weekends and vacation time I have devoted to genealogy truly have made any difference … Continue reading

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