My Ancestor Score: Quality vs. Quantity?

I have read a few blogs recently reporting their “Ancestor Score”. Randy Seaver did a Saturday challenge about it and Ancestry blogger Crista Cowan has a YouTube video on how to calculate your score if you use Ancestry as your genealogy database.

So, are you competitive? I like to think I am not, but I was a little embarrassed to post my score because it seems so low compared to everyone else’s.

Rachelle's Ancestor Score

Rachelle’s Ancestor Score

My excuses:

  • I stopped collecting hints for the older generations on Ancestry a few years ago because there is rarely any evidence that they are the correct ancestors. I only add a new generation if I have documents that prove it.
  • I have been doing deep research into individual ancestors which takes a lot of time. I have been working on Rev. John McNair all year (and this is my second pass at him) and there is no sign that I have exhausted all the material that is available on him.
  • I have done very little research across the pond in England, Germany etc. There has been so much research in the United States to keep me busy, I have saved the European research for “later.”
  • I need to travel to particular locations to get documents to break brick walls. e.g. Mississippi.
  • I have some really hard ancestors to find (insert whine here) like my Mexican/Spanish  migrants from 1870 who lived in Santa Cruz, California.

But my score is going to better next year….because I am just a little competitive.

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2 Responses to My Ancestor Score: Quality vs. Quantity?

  1. Joan says:

    In my opinion, it’s good to focus on quality. I’ve removed some dubious lines, too. Luckily my genealogy program (Aldfaer, a Dutch-language program) has an option to show certainty (certain, highly likely, likely, possibly) for relations, and I like that for than I can easily see what needs investigation further. But you don’t see that in an ancestor score table. There it looks all impressive.

    • Rachelle says:

      I completely agree. I haven’t added up my proven ancestors since I did this blog post. That is great that your genealogy program can categorize your level of confidence. I just took a look at your blog… you can go back on your maternal line back to 1600’s on both sides…wow! I can go back that far on a few lines of my Grandmother, but it is a much more zig-zag line. I have quite a few ancestors who were Dutch and in New Netherlands in the 1600’s (New York).

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