52 in 52: Week 2 – Photo: Robert Downey Kemp (1918-1992)

Kemp_Robert Downey 1944 Guam

Robert Downey Kemp on Guam in 1944

Oh, it is so difficult to choose a single perfect photo! But, I decided that I should honor my step-Grandfather, Robert Downey Kemp. I love this photo of him taken during WWII when he was stationed in the South Pacific laying telephone wire for the military.

Bob, as he was known to friends and family, was an avid photographer and scrapbook enthusiast. The only reason my family has photo albums is that he put them together. He even diligently went through all my Grandmother’s family photos, put them in albums and tried to label them with whatever information he could get. I suspect he started to do this after his in-laws had passed away because many of the photos are not labeled if the photo was before his tenure in the family started. (Most pictures are labeled from 1935 on – the year he met my grandmother, but they didn’t get married until 1946 which of course is another story!)

Thank you, Grandpa, for teaching me the importance of taking photos and labeling them. Thank you for caring about the family heritage when it wasn’t technically yours. You are another example of how “step” is a bad term for family relationships.

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