Christmas Through the Years – Olive & Dee Remembered

I am feeling a little melancholy this Christmas. I am very conscious about time passing and the people who are no longer with us. I am still grieving the loss of my Grandmother as we just passed the first anniversary of her death and I miss my mother who has been gone for 8 years.

Strangely looking at these pictures of my Grandmother and my Mom makes me happy. It is a reminder to live life well and enjoy every moment.

Unfortunately, the picture below is slightly damaged, but it does have all my great grandparents (Dibbens & Deys) on my mother’s side in it. It also is the earliest picture taken at Christmas that I have.

The Dibben Family in 1932
Left to right: Margaret Dey, Olive Dibben, Minnie Dibben, Viola Mundorf, Leroy Mundorf, Nell Dibben Mundorf, Alice Mundorff, Walter Dibben (in the front sitting), Lawrence Mundorff and Blanchard Dey

Isn’t this a great picture of Grandma Olive? – she seldom smiled so widely and my mom is even smiling (odd for her teenage period)

Christmas 1959
Olive Dibben Kemp, Bob, Ruth and Dee Dee Cork Kemp Joy Sybrandt

This picture below is one of my favorites because it is one of the few four generation pictures I have with me and my Great Grandmother Minnie before she died.

Christmas 1965
Rachelle (me!), Olive Dibben Kemp, Minnie Dey Dibben, Dee Dee Kemp, Aunt Ruth

A new four generation picture with my daughter Marissa.  A rare moment we were all together during the Christmas holidays, this time in Arizona to see my Mom.

Christmas 1994
Olive Kemp, Rachelle, Marissa, Dee Dee Sybrandt

Another special photo – 2009 was the last year my Grandmother traveled during the holidays (she was 92!) and both my children were home at the same time too.

Christmas 2009
Olive with her Great Grandchildren Marissa and Cameron

We are all so spread out all over the country now and we are seldom all together at the same time, especially during the holidays when travel is expensive and stressful. So it makes me appreciate the times we are together and that “family” is made with those you love.

Happy Holidays & Winter Solstice – May the spirit of love, reflection and peace be with you and your families this season!

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4 Responses to Christmas Through the Years – Olive & Dee Remembered

  1. Laura says:

    I loved this post! So great to see the pictures through the years. Cannot believe how much you and Marissa looked alike as todlers!

  2. Kristie Paylor says:

    Rochelle, thanks for sharing such precious family Christmas and generational pictures! I hope you have a blessed Christmas, wherever you are and whomever you are with. Kristie

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