Books and Links

I have been a bibliophile since my Grandmother took me to Vroman’s Bookstore in Pasadena when I was about 6 and it became part of our monthly routine when I came to spend the night.  She finally introduced me to the library to offset the costs of my veracious appetite, but we still continue to visit Vroman’s today when I come back for visits.

I have pretty eclectic tastes and have been known to read about every type of genre. For the purposes of the blog,  I have decided to focus on genealogy books and fiction and non-fiction that enhances knowledge of time periods and/or a sense place.  This is far from a comprehensive list of what I have read or plan to read, but wanted to get it started.  The list will grow as my memory returns and I look more carefully at the book shelves.  If you have a book you think should be included, drop me a note.



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