William Cork’s Obituary Deconstructed

I don’t know about you, but most of the obituaries I have found for my family have been absolutely no help at all in the research process. They have just given the name and the date the person died, the names of the main family members, and when and where the funeral services will be held.  However, sometimes if you are lucky the person you are researching had some standing in the community or they were so loved, someone wanted to give a complete tribute to their full life.  Such is the case with my 2nd Great Grandfather William Cork.  As you will see below, there are many details in the obituary about William’s life and hints of other avenues to purse to find out more about William, his wives, his children and the extended family.

William Cork's Obituary

William Cork’s Obituary pg. 1

William Cork's Obituary pg. 2

William Cork’s Obituary pg. 2

Wow!  Look at the summary of my new research plan….it will keep me busy for months!

  • William Cork birth in Bentley, Staffordshire, England
  • William Cork’s parents in censuses and other records
  • William Cork census records in England 1841, 1851, 1861
  • William Cork’s death record in Dane County, Wisconsin.
  • William Cork’s marriage to Anise Eardley in England.
  • Anise Eardley’s birth, death and census records.
  • William Cork’s marriage to Jane Dame in England.
  • Jane Dame’s birth and census records in England.
  • William Cork and family immigration records in US, England and Canada.
  • Hugh Cork records in WI & MN.
  • Mrs. William Conover’s (Selena Cork) records in WI & MN.
  • Arthur Cork’s records in WI.
  • Edwin H. Cork’s  records in WI.
  • Mrs. F.O. Vye’s  (Bertha Cork) records in Chicago and WI.
  • Frank Cork’s records in WI and SD. (This is my great-grandfather and I have quite a few records already, but more about him in a later post.)
  • Walter J. Cork in WI and MN.
  • Wilfred Cork in WI.
  • Research deceased children – Charles and Harry Cork listed in census records.
  • Primitive Methodist Church history and records in England and US (specifically WI).
  • Congregational Church history and records in Mazomonie, WI.
  • William Cork’s Masonic records.
  • William Cork’s public service history in Mazomonie including the School Board.
  • Rev. H.J. Hartwell biography and if he left any records for the Congregational Church.
  • Mazomanie Cemetery graves for Cork and Dame families.
  • Determine who James Woodrich, John Dame, Harry Dame and Arthur Gillette were and how they are related to William and Jane Cork.
  • Research John and Harry Dame immigration, birth, death, census etc. records.

Did I forget anything???

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5 Responses to William Cork’s Obituary Deconstructed

  1. cjmurdoch says:

    I love when I find an obituary like Williams. Just last weekend, I found one for a great uncle, which has given me more information and confirmed suppositions! I wish they were all like that. Love your blog!

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